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We Achieve Solutions

PT Tech is a reliable partner for technical assistance and sales of spare parts for machines and plants for  marble and stone processing

Despite being a young Company, we have years of experience in the sector, with personnel coming from leading manufacturers. This allows us to be able to evaluate and manage the problems of all the machinery from the cutting of the block to the finish of the tile. 

Our business does not end here. Thanks to our skills we supply complete turnkey automation systems for both the stone industry (from gang-saws to polishers and auxiliary machines) and for other applications. Our technicians are able to develop automation systems 4.0 with advanced and customized solutions, with human-machine interaction through the most advanced monitoring and control systems with real-time connection through dedicated Apps on smartphones and / or tablets. 

The sector "Used Machinery and equipment" is instead able to search and select high value for money proposal.

Come and visit or contact us in the way you like, we will be happy to evaluate with you your needs and make our proposal because: 

“In PT Tech we achieve solutions”


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